Essential Wood Carving Tools

If you’re going to work with wood, you’re going to need the right tools. There are a lot of different opinions on the matter, but when you look at crafting, building cabinets, or working with flooring, you’ll find that the tools start to blur a little. There are some that are absolutely essential to your forward progress in this arena. If you’re going to work with wood at any level, it’s imperative that you look into the following tools for your next project. These will pay off dividends no doubt.

A Woodcarving Tool Kit

The easiest way to go forward with wood carving is to pick up a box set of tools. This is just the starting point, mind you, as you’ll build after this. Look for a set that has a good knife, blades, gouges, and routers. Often times you’ll find kits with one solid handle and then you’ll put in different blades on it, or attachments that come with the kit. These are great to have around, especially if you’re working with smaller craft wood projects.

A Strong Chisel Set

Carving wood is not about brute force or strength. You will need something that is a bit more precise. You’re going to want to look into a chisel set that is going to help you cut out small pieces, elevate areas, and create unique artistic points. That’s where a chisel set is going to come into play. Look for a strong set that has no less than 5 types of options. These will help you not only get creative, but do so with the right tool set overall.


Chip Knives

One of the most creative techniques that you can learn when you are trying to create wooden crafts is that of chipping. Chip carving is an incredible solution that helps you create symmetrical patterns, Mondrian design, and much more in wood. This is a skill set that takes time and patience to work with, but once mastered, it will be unique and creative. You’ll find that this type of carving is meant for ornamental displays and visual design flow.


These tools are named this way because they come to a point. They are angled, and help with flexible cuts in wooden surfaces. They help with what are known as “stop cuts”, and help you get upwards of 70 degrees and as low as 45 degrees in precision cutting and carving overall. This type of tool is what you would need for whittling.


Amidst the wood carving tools that you are going to need to have, you’ll need this. This is not just your average tool. You cannot use the same thing you would for knives either. You need wood sharpening tool sets, including stones. This will help you sharpen tools that are made for wood, and they give you an edge that helps with creating design, not just cuts.



If you’re not going to buy a kit for this, then look into individual gouges. These are curved. They allow you to hollow out wooden surfaces and create curves and symmetry with ease. There’s several different types of gouges that you can explore in this category, but there are basic options that can help you get through simple wood working projects.

The above is just a starting line in regards to tools that you can purchase today for wood carving. If you want to get started with this, you’ll need the right tools. Start with the tools above, and make sure that you purchase carving gloves and thumb guards as precaution elements. These are going to help your hands keep safe, as you will no doubt cut, scrape and harm your hands if you’re not an expert.